Welcome to AJ Power Limited

AJ Power produces a superb line-up of diesel generating sets
in the range 10–3,300kVA from a modern facility in
Craigavon, Northern Ireland.

The Company is managed by a team
(former Chief Engineers and Senior Managers of FG Wilson)
with exceptional experience
in the Genset industry.

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3 Series

Rating 9 - 33 kVA

The AJ Power brand is not just a label. It defines the values that are embedded in the 3 Series generating sets. But it tells you more - AJ Power, while supplying products globally, only has production facilities in the United Kingdom – The Best just got Better.

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5 Series

Rating 30 - 275 kVA

With ongoing research, the engineers at AJ Power are developing innovative solutions to meet the future needs of our valued customers. In terms of technology and performance the AJ Power 5 Series sets standards of excellence that others can only follow.

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7 Series

Rating 250 - 710 kVA

'To build the best generating sets in the world'. This is the commitment of our engineers, every time they develop a new product range. The result is embodied in the 7 Series, redefining the benchmark for this power range.

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9 Series

Rating 650 – 3,300 kVA

Since its inception AJ Power has been at the forefront of the power generation industry. The company has been a standard-bearer, always seeking perfection where it didn't exist. Whether it be low voltage or high (11.0-13.8kV) the engineers of AJ Power are uncompromising in using today, the technologies of tomorrow. Welcome to the 9 Series generating sets, a range of thoroughbred from the AJ Power stable.

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